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AI-Powered testing overview

The term AI has been used a lot recently in the field of software testing, even though in relation to software testing, AI is still in it’s infancy. Up until recently little, or no AI was used in the day-to-day tasks of a manual tester. However, there are now a few AI tools available that can actually be very useful. The QA team at Testing4Success.com are now using an AI-powered image comparison tool. The tool works by examining two images and identifying the differences. These can be extremely minor differences that the human eye could easily miss. During the evaluation of the tool, Testing4Success were very impressed by the accuracy of tool and discussed how this tool could be used to assist manual testing tasks.

AI-Powered visual testing tool

Our team quickly realized that this AI-powered tool would be extremely useful for identifying any differences between environments. For example, testing a website to ensure that a push to the Production environment displays the web page exactly as it was on the Staging environment. The QA team used test pages with deliberate minor issues throughout. They then took scrolling screenshots to capture the entire web page and set about using the tool, and the results were very encouraging. All expected differences were quickly identified by the tool. Additional testing was performed on websites viewed on mobile devices, and also mobile apps were tested using the same tool. All tests carried out on each platform detected all expected differences. The Testing4Success QA team have now incorporated the tool into their day-to-day testing for comparing websites and apps across various environments.

The future of AI-Powered testing

Testing4Success is constantly monitoring for the emergence of new tools and technologies that could help improve manual and automated testing processes and practices.

One-time QA

One-Time QA

We will work with you to create a customised and highly effective one-time QA solution that perfectly fits your requirements and budget.

Ad-hoc QA

Ad-Hoc  QA

A flexible approach that ensures you have professional QA only when you need it, eliminating scheduling worries and unnecessary costs.

Continuous QA

Continuous QA

Our professional team of expert testers can fit into your existing development process and provide continuous QA for your app.

Why outsource to Testing4Success?

Functional testing

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Whether you need QA for 1 hour or 100 hours, the choice is up to you. We are totally flexible.

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All of our testers are either senior or expert level, ensuring you get the best experience.

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Our entire QA team including all testers and Test Managers are based within Canada.

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We are proud to hold a 5 Star rating on clutch.co along with many outstanding testimonials.

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We can easily add or remove testers as your requirements change during a project.

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Project delays? that's no problem, you only pay for the actual testing carried out.


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