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Our Inspiration

Living and working where we do here in Canada acts as wonderful reminder about the beauty and magnificence of our planet, and this has inspired a deep love and appreciation for nature. We are very aware of how each of us carries the responsibility to value, respect and take care of our natural world. With this in mind, we wanted to give something back and become one of the first QA companies in the world to be carbon neutral.

testing4success is carbon neutral

Our Pledge

We take pride in caring for our planet and it is our aim to regularly contribute to planting trees. This combined with payments to offset our carbon footprint means we are actively moving towards a more sustainable way of living and working, which we hope will ensure the healing and renewal of our planet for the enjoyment and benefit of all.

The Future

We plan to continue with our "Testing 4 Trees" project, as it has been very well received by our clients. In 2024, we are planning on introducing another pledge to contribute to a plastic waste removal scheme. More details to follow...

Carbon Neutral

Testing4Success are proud to state that we are a carbon-neutral company. We look at ways to reduce our carbon emissions and also regularly purchase carbon offsets to balance our carbon footprint ensuring that carbon savings are made elsewhere.

Testing 4 Trees

Our promise is that for every hour our Testers work on a client's project, we will pay for a tree to be planted via Switch2Zero. At the end of every quarter, we reach out to our clients with details of how many trees have been planted in their honor.

Charity Donations

At Testing4Success we regularly support a wide variety of environmental and humanitarian causes, both locally and globally through donations to trusted and respected organizations. We are grateful to be in a position to do this.

What are carbon offsets?

Carbon offsets are used by a company or organisation to compensate for what they are emitting and thereby decrease their net emissions. Offsetting involves purchasing carbon credits.

How do you Remain C-Neutral?

There are many free carbon emmission calculators available online, and can be found with a quick Google. You can then simply buy carbon offsets.

At Testing4Success, we regularly calculate the estimated carbon emmisions and purchase carbon offsets to remain a carbon neutral company.

Does planting make a difference?

Tree planting is about paying something forward for the future. Every tree planted has an average lifetime carbon capture of 0.2 tonnes of CO₂

Where are the trees planted?

We partner with Switch2Zero who work with Eden Reforestation Projects, who create thousands of jobs through extensive reforestation across Africa, Asia, and South America- improving communities and sequestering CO2 in the long term.

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