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Ensure your website is inclusive to all

Website Accessibility Compliance Evaluation

Our Accessibility Testing Team has the experience and expertise to ensure your website provides full functionality to people with different abilities around the world.

Outsourced flexible automated service

Why check for accessibility?

Your website's accessibility should allow your product to be accessible to everyone regardless of their abilities. This shows your users that you are respectful, considerate and above all, inclusive to everyone.

Outsourced mobile app testing and QA

WHich standards do you check for?

Our Accessibility Testing Team can provide compliance evaluation for the three most currently recognized accessibility standards in the world, which are WCAG(W3C), ADA and Section 508.

Outsourced automated web testing and QA

How does the evaluation work?

Our team will methodically work through your website running a series of detailed manual test cases along with supplemental accessibility tools. The test cases and our team's finding will be provided to you once complete.

Accessibility testing Service Highlights

T4S cost effective qa

Recognized standards

Our Accessibility Testing Team tests against the world's most recognized standards of WCAG, ADA and Section 508.

T4S qa team adaptability


We fit seamlessly into your project development lifecycles stage and get the testing done when you need it, and adapt to any changes.

T4S on-demand QA service


Once our team has completed the testing, we will provide a report in a spreadsheet format detailing what was tested and our findings.

T4S professional testers

Professional Testers

Our testers have the knowledge, certifications and experience gained from successfully testing 1000's of web developments.

In-house outsourced qa team

in-house qa team

All of our accessibility testing is performed entirely in-house by our own highly professional Accessibility Testing Team located in Canada.

Communication with T4S QA team


We provide ongoing communication before, during and after each project, which is key to a successful developer/tester collaboration.

cost-effective qa

We know how budgeted funds for QA can simply fall away like leaves from a tree. By outsourcing your QA tasks to T4S, you will only pay for the actual testing performed, eradicating unforeseen and unnecessary QA costs.

Leaves falling from tree in Canada representing cost effective qa service

Delays are commonplace in all types of software development, and are almost expected to happen. If you are using permanent or even contract QA staff, then valuable project funding is being wasted during these times.

By choosing to outsource your QA to T4S, you can completely eliminate costs due to project delays!


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"They have offered high-quality QA testing, and they customize it based on our client’s needs. They uncovered many edge cases and were very easy to work with."

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Is the testing performed manually?

Our testing is predominately manual. Our team will methodically work through a set of manual test cases to ensure each page of your website adheres to the required standards. In addition, some testing tools are used to supplement the manual tests to allow for greater coverage.

WHich disabilities would be tested?

Our tests typically cover common issues that people with the following disabilities may come across. Colour-blindness, Deafness, Moto Impairment, Impaired Vision, Hard-of-Hearing and mobility Impairment.

when can you start?

By contacting our Accessibility Testing Team by any method below, we can get the ball rolling!

By contacting our QA team, a Project Manager will be assigned to you who will take you through an initial evaluation to determine the complexity of your site. An estimate can then be created for you along with a timescale.


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