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Efficient testing for optimum product evolution

outsourced automated testing

Our Test Automation Team have extensive knowledge of designing, creating and maintaining automated test suites for both websites and mobile apps. Test automation will optimize your QA time spent running repetitive tests such as sanity tests or regression tests.

Outsourced flexible automated service

flexible test automation service

Whether you need an entire automated test suite built from the ground-up, or simply need a few test cases automated for a sanity test, we have you covered. Our professional test automation team are ready to assist.

Outsourced mobile app testing and QA

mobile app test automation

The T4S Automated QA Team have expertise in automating all types of mobile app tests. We can design, build and maintain automated test sets to suit any current or future QA requirement you may have.

Outsourced automated web testing and QA

web test automation

The T4S test automation service can not only ensure total compatibility of your web development, but also build in complete functional checks to form automated sanity and regression tests to be used at any time you need.

Phone representing automated mobile app testing and QA

mobile test automation service

To see your mobile app reach it's peak...

The choice is clear.

cost-effective test automation service

We know how budgeted funds for test automation can simply fall away like leaves from a tree. By outsourcing your QA tasks to T4S, you will only pay for the actual testing performed, eradicating unforeseen and unnecessary QA costs.

Leaves falling from tree in Canada representing cost effective qa service

Delays are commonplace in all types of software development, and are almost expected to happen. If you are using permanent or even contract QA staff, then valuable project funding is being wasted during these times.

By choosing to outsource your test automation to T4S, you can completely eliminate costs due to project delays!

What do our clients think?



"Testing4Success has been a fantastic partner. The team is incredibly responsive and shows a level of ownership that is unparalleled."

Millennium communications


"By the end of our first engagement with Testing4Success, it became clear that we found a partner that shared a similar philosophy to our own. Your timeliness and accuracy are a welcome relief for an ever changing QA landscape. And, at a reasonable price! Wish we found you years ago!"

O2E Brands


"T4S has exceeded our expectations through great communication, quality of service and flexibility. We see the T4S team as partners and look forward to joint future successes!"

Mio Global


"We had the challenge of building a QA competency for our organization and Testing4Success were instrumental in helping us to hit the ground running. They will be definitely be a prominent part of our overall QA strategy for the foreseeable future "

Metalab Design Ltd.


"Testing4success are exceptional QA professionals who dive deep into our products to ensure they are the very best they can be. They see around blind corners, finds those tricky bugs, clearly document their findings, and provide the level of detail we need to ship A+ everytime."

Technicweb Inc.


“Jon and the team at Testing4Success have been extremely efficient, they have allowed me to focus on the development of our websites, and provided me with the reassurance that the product we deliver has been thoroughly tested."


which tools do you use?

Our Automated QA Team are experienced in a range of automated test tools, and we will discuss with you what we think the best tool will be to suit your product, budget, current and future needs.

why automate test cases?

Automated test cases can be used to great effect especially for test cases that are required to be used repetitively. For example; a sanity test could be automated to be ran after each new nightly build. Alternatively, an automated regression test could be ran prior to a release when there is no time for manual testing.

Do you use a specific QA process?

The T4S QA Team has experience of working within a range of different development processes, from Waterfall and Agile, to CD/CI. We know how important it is to follow any development or specific QA process rules within a product's development. We also know to be flexible to ensure the QA process does not become a bottleneck in the development.

Our QA Team can also provide you with guidance on how to improve your QA process to make it even more efficient!

who MAINTAINs the created tests?

Once developed, the T4S AUtomated QA Team can hand over the designed tests to you. You can then choose to run them and maintain them yourself, or alternatively leave the execution and maintenance aspects with our team.

when can you start?

By contacting our Automated QA team by any method below, we can get the ball rolling!

An Automated QA Team representative will get back to you ASAP with details on how we can get started designing your automated tests. If you already have a strategy in mind, then great. If not, we can discuss with you what we think is the best automation strategy for your product.

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