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Wearable Tech Testing Service

Our QA Team has extensive knowledge of testing a wide variety of wearable technology products including activity trackers, smart watches, smart glasses and many more. You can rely on our focus and attention to detail to ensure your wearable tech product is the best that it can possibly be, and rise above the competition.

Wearable tech QA testing

Wearable tech qa

T4S will help you ensure your Wearable Tech product hits the market at it's best, and assisting in making sure it remains that way. From firmware testing to functional testing, we have every aspect covered.

Wearable tech mobile app QA

mobile app qa

With the T4S QA Team's expertise in mobile app testing, you can be sure your mobile app functions at 100%, and all interactions between the app and device have been covered on a range of mobile devices and tablets.

Wearable tech web app QA

web testing

Does your wearable tech have a web app? if yes, then we have it covered. Our web testing will leave no stone unturned by testing across a range of browsers on desktop, mobile and tablet to ensure total compatibility.

wearable tech testing service

Increase the quality of your wearable tech product and associated web or mobile apps by utilizing our professional QA team. Throughout the entire development lifecycle of your project(and beyond), T4S can eliminate unnecessary testing costs by providing an ongoing service as-and-when you need it, keeping your project within budget.
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Prototype Testing

Let us help you convert your idea into reality by testing your initial prototype. Our QA team will provide valuable feedback on any testable functionality available at the time.

T4S qa team adaptability

Kickstarter campaign prep

By stating on your campaign page that you are using T4S, your potential backers will know that the project will be utilizing a professional independent testing service.

T4S on-demand QA service

Test planning

We will work with you to create any test documentation needed. Test plans, test cases, regression tests, compatibility tests etc.

T4S professional testers


Our QA team will thoroughly test the wearable tech product and associated web and mobile apps, and report back on issues relating to functionality, usability and compatibility.

In-house outsourced qa team

pre-release testing

By performing a dedicated regression test we can help ensure that any remaining issues are highlighted and subsequently fixed, allowing you to release with total confidence.

Communication with T4S QA team

post release testing

We are always available as-and-when you need us to test any new updates to your existing products, or assist with new projects!

wearable tech testing FAq'S

Are real mobile devices used?

All of our tests that require interacting with a mobile app are performed on real devices. In order to detect all-important usability issues, it is critical for QA to be performed on a real device. We have a range of iOS and Android devices ready to test you app with.

Do we really need test cases?

Our Wearable Tech App QA Team can effectively test a mobile app by using a combination of experience and exploratory testing techniques. However, some projects may require the use of test cases for repeatability, such as regression testing etc.

We can utilize any test cases you may have in our testing, or alternatively create an entire suite of test cases for you derived from design docs, functional specs etc.

which QA processes are used?

The T4S QA Team has experience of working within a range of different development processes, from Waterfall and Agile, to CI/CD. We know how important it is to follow any development or specific QA process rules within a product's development. We also know to be flexible to ensure the QA process does become a bottleneck in the development.

Our QA Team can also provide you with guidance on how to improve your QA process to make it even more efficient!

can you create defect reports?

We can generate bug/defect reports in any format you wish. For example; we can log into your own JIRA implementation and record defects there. Alternatively, we can provide you access to our own system and provide you and your team with access. We can even log defects into a spreadsheet if needed.

When creating defect reports, we aim to include as much useful information as possible to ensure developers can easily understand and reproduce the issue for themselves. For example, titles, screenshots, videos, replication steps, severity etc.

when can you start testing?

By contacting our QA team by any method below, we can get the ball rolling!

A QA Team representative will get back to you ASAP with details on how we can get started testing your wearable tech product. If you already have a QA plan in mind, then great. If not, we can discuss with you what we think is the best QA strategy for your wearable tech.

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"The attention to detail which T4S exhibited was awesome. They went above and beyond to test edge cases and use cases which we had not thought of."



"They have offered high-quality QA testing, and they customize it based on our client’s needs. They uncovered many edge cases and were very easy to work with."


Digital App Agency

"No matter the request, T4S provide the quality testing services we need at a reasonable price. I wish we found them years ago!"


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