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Stand out from the crowd with this incredibly 'in-demand' QA certification. The MATA Mobile App QA training course was created in association with our own Expert Mobile App QA Team, and will provide you with the knowledge and 'hands-on' experience you need to become successful in Mobile App QA. There is a huge demand for Mobile App Testers in the industry, especially those that are certified. Start training today for the Mobile App Testing Associate (MATA) certification.


Accessed via our online learning system, the course is presented as a series of lessons to teach all of the required knowledge and techniques to effectively QA mobile apps. By using your six months access period to our on-line learning system, you will have full access to the lessons, videos and workshops, and your progress will be automatically saved. The course also includes access to a training tutor to answer any questions you may have along the way. In addition, multiple workshops are included, allowing you to apply QA techniques learned during the course on real mobile apps!


This training course is appropriate for both novice and experienced Software Testers and Developers. In addition, others may also benefit from this course, such as; Test Managers, Project Managers or anyone else who may be interested in understanding mobile app QA in general.


Ideally, a background knowledge of basic QA principles will be useful, although not essential, as a training tutor is on-hand to answer questions along the way. Access to a mobile device will be required to complete the interactive workshops.

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At the end of the training course, you will be given a personalized certificate as a record of your achievement.

training course contents

Before Testing Begins

From initially establishing the need for mobile app QA, to determining the goals of mobile app QA, we will go into some typical scenarios that a Mobile App Tester will come across, including; planning the testing, estimating the testing, calculating device coverage and communication issues. In addition, we will look at the differences between testing on real devices and simulators.

mobile Methodologies

While many traditional QA methodologies can apply to QA for mobile apps, there are specific ways in which they should be applied, which we will cover in this section of the training course. Our trainers have also interviewed expert Mobile App Testers employed by Testing4Success to teach you some highly effective testing methodologies and techniques such as; mobile app exploratory testing and the highly-effective '10 Minute Test'.

Installing test Apps

While installing an already released app on a mobile device is relatively straight-forward, installing a pre-release app requires a certain level of knowledge in order to trouble-shoot and solve any installation issues. This section of the training course will explain the various file types associated with Android and iPhone mobile apps, along with the process of provisioning. Step-by-step instructions on how to go about installing iOS and Android apps are also detailed in this section.

Mobile App Elements

Most mobile apps contain a number of common elements, and in this section of the training course we will provide you with screen-shots of these elements along with an explanation of their functionality. Importantly, we will also provide suggested test cases to enable you to effectively test any element within an app. An extensive range of elements are covered here including; navigation, text, indicators, pickers, alerts, toolbox elements and many more.

Mobile QA Techniques

A mobile app may contain any number of features. Our training course will provide you with the appropriate approaches and techniques to effectively testing these features. We will teach you how to use basic mobile app testing techniques to be the most effective with your testing time. We will focus on common high-risk areas of an app and how to test them, such as text input fields and using Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence Partitioning in order to effectively test them.

QA Reporting

The way the QA is documented is an important factor in any mobile app test, and we will explain the right way to do things and how to avoid common pitfalls. The training course will also explain how to document any defects found during an app test, along with detailed instructions on how to obtain screenshots from Android and iOS devices. In addition, details of how to obtain crash logs from devices is also explained.

Workshop One

In order to ensure you have you understood and absorbed the training material. This workshop includes a multiple-choice quiz. Your training course tutor will mark your question paper and inform you of the results via email.

Workshop Two

This workshop will involve downloading a variety of real apps, and focus on the ability to evaluate them. Next, you will be tasked with detecting defects within each of them. You will also be tasked with entering a defect report for the defects found along with screenshots. Your training tutor will provide you with feedback relating to the defect report accuracy and clarity.

Workshop Three

Now its really time to put your knowledge to the test!...This workshop will require you to QA real mobile apps in order to find specific types of defects. Knowing how to locate some of these 'hard-to-find' defects is a key skill to becoming an effective Mobile App Tester, and by the end of this workshop you will have the necessary knowledge and 'hands-on' experience!

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